Serax enhances your home, adds personality to your interior, and creates unforgettable moments at the dining table. Relying only on the most passionate designers from all over the globe, they produce traditional handicraft.

From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, the items are manufactured by skilled craftsmen who respect the basic idea of each design. Their collections are unique for their shapes, materials and style.

Serax looks for beauty every day, for the good things that make life worth living, the things that create a home that inspires happiness.

To experience, to share, and to discover.

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Functional and convenient designs, moulded into singular objects that exude a universal and timeless character. Serax’ assortment includes small furniture objects by renowned interior designers and artists, such as erratic or tight-lined side tables, multifunctional racks, handy trestle-tables and other inventive contraptions destined to making life easier and giving your interior that extra touch.

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Kitchen items and cookware

Cooking … a daily ritual that for many of us is more than just providing a basic need. The new Serax Cookware line is ideal for all enthusiasts of delicious no-fuss cooking. Whether you opt for the lightweight aluminum cooking pots from the Pure series or the more robust cast iron Surface for Serax pots and pans, with this cookware you are opting for beauty and the ease of use of materials that are suitable for all common heat sources.

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Tableware, cutlery and glassware

“Great tableware allows us to stand out; to look different and to show that difference boldly.”

There is no accounting for taste, we all know that. But there is no getting around the fact that a meal tastes a lot better when the picture is complete. When the tableware forms the ideal canvas for your culinary chef d’oeuvre, when there is more to the glasses than just a means to quench your thirst, and when the cutlery is so beautiful and sits so comfortably in the hand that it enhances your taste experience. With Serax’ cutlery collections, your picture is always complete.

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Interior accessoires

With an extensive range of interior accessories, Serax brings to life the vision and passion of renowned and emerging artists and designers. A wide variety of playful, graceful and robust vases is complemented with colorful tea-light holders, scented candles, and peculiar objects that deceive the eye. A collection of functional and aesthetically pleasing eye-catchers with well thought-out designs that add cachet and stand out.

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